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Whup Music


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Coyote Music 01:30
Alright! People get whup! Yeah I'm a beat-up dreamer too, I'm a justice fighter too, penniless oatmeal eater, student turned farmer, renter turned squatter, yeah I'm a bed frame breaker, a river rock layer on-er, come skinny dip in the river with me, our planet just got hotter! We got no time to wait for justice! Yesterday their time was up! Not goin limp n' lyin' down, when sea level got sense to rise up! You say: “2050 blah blah blah, we’ll pass a law blah blah” - enough! Our patience and our sky’s on fire, and now our people wised up, that: The wilderness is not for purchase, the will of god is not the church's! The wilderness is not for purchase, the will of god is not the church's! People get whup! Roll the city up like rug! Find the body underneath! Now we forgot the men’s last names the men put on our peaks! Dance 'til nothing is for sale again, and nothing is for free! We’re dancing on, that door right now! Let’s pick em up! We’ll put em down! Hear our bodies, howlin’ answers, feel our minds trampled by dancers! People get whup! We're gonna get up to the ground! Now the way up is down! Now the way up is down! Let’s go! Come on!
Tie-dye shirt in a country bar, I was lookin' 'round the room, This girl said: "what you lookin' for hippie?" I said: "guess I'm looking for you?" She said: "I'm lookin' backatchoobaby!" Do no harm, woncha' take m'arm m'lookin' backatchoobaby, When I see you lookin' back at me m'lookin' "My father was from Tubuktim, my mom from Timbuktu, but thanks to the power of peace and love I'm here singin' this song for you!" She said: "I'm here cause I drove my truck from my house down the street. And now we got all that cleared up, would you like to dance with me!?" I said: "I'm lookin' backatchoobaby!" Ain't no ring g'on do yo thang lookin' backatchoobaby! Hook on, good goin' don't look away see'm lookin backatchoobaby! Can't be calm, you turn me on! Hey now I'm a-lookin! This night is reaching for us, this life is fleeting for us, our hearts are beating for us, to love... Three years later I's gettin' hitched in a cowboy hat 'n boots! And when she walked in in a tie-dye dress I hollered out: "I do!" She yelled: "I'm lookin' backatchoobaby!" We're in love, let's cut the rug, we're lookin' backatchoobaby! Pass the bottle y'all, let's get rowdy lookin' backatchoobaby! Hey now I'm a-lookin! Backatchoobaby! I'm lookin' backatchoobaby! Well, I'm lookin' backatchoobaby!
Whup! Whup! Whup! Whup! Lord, I feel just like goin' on, feel just like goin' on, I have come this far, I'm not gonna turn around, feel just like goin' on! Lord, I feel like I'm on my way, feel like I'm on my way, I have come this far, I'm not gonna turn away, feel like I'm on my way! Feel just like goin' on! Lord I feel like we're almost there, feel like we're almost there! We have come this far, and you can't hold us here, feel like we're almost there! Feel just like goin' on! Heart pouring on in endless song, how can I keep from singing? When equality tells supremacy we're goin' on? When Black Lives tells everybody we're livin' on? When the mountains gonna howl right on? Kicking, thrashing for the surface - right on! You can't hold us down! You can't hold us back! We're goin' on! Whup! Whup! Whup! Whup!
Brother, brother, grab your boyfriend's hand! Sister, sister, grab your girl... grab both your girlfriends! We're not up to any mischief tonight (no good)... But if we are, I hope you understand (you should!) We're all trying to crack the same cement now! We're all pushing back stronger from the same ground! We're not trying to overthrow the government (nah)... But if we are, I hope you understand - it's not our fault! We feel just like goin' on!
It's so hard to get stuff done (when you're in love) you just lay in bed together and your phones ring and ring on (when you're in love) your friends leave you messages like: "are you dead? did you die? did you move to Taiwan?" (when you're in love) job calls you up says: "are you ever coming back to work?" you're like: "maybe I'm not!?" When you're in love It's so hard not to gross everyone else out in the cafe (when you're in love) you're sippin' each others drinks! nibblin' each others food! finishing the things each other say! (when you're in love) now you're seeing if your first name sounds good with their last (when you're in love) you start carrying around your pajamas, toothbrush, contacts when you're in love! When you're in love (ooo-hoo-hoo I love you) dinner time ding-ding, still wearin' the bed sheets! (ooo-hoo-hoo I do) now I got your shirt on my back and your socks on my feet! (ooo-hoo-hoo I love you) I love the way you do it girl - you do it so sweet when ya... oh - you love me baby! oh yeah, all right! get no sleep, get no sleep, get no sleep she make me leave my light on! get no sleep! get no! get! whup! When you're in love! when you're in love! yes we're in love! girl you're in love! oh I'm in love! yeah - love! when you're in love! oh love, yeah, love! when you're in love! (ooo-hoo-hoo I love you) riding bikes and we hit a red light at the intersection, (ooo-hoo-hoo I do) we got a little bit a time, so we think we'll start neckin' (ooo-hoo-hoo I love you) the light turns green but we don't see it now! (ooo-hoo-hoo I do) red light again, green light, red light... (ooo-ooo-ooo I love you) red yellow green red yellow green red yellow... (ooo-ooo-ooo I do) people cheering from their cars, let 'em yell baby! (ooo-ooo-ooo I love you) green red green red, wish we had a bed mama! (ooo-ooo-ooo I do) I got a girl who feeds me, licks on my titties (ooo-hoo-hoo I do) we're so damn purdy, tell the whole damn jury now! (so damn purdy, tell the whole damn jury now!) tell the judge, tell the judge, tell the judge to set me free! (so damn purdy, tell the whole damn jury now!) 'cause I know the judge and the judge knows me! (so damn purdy, tell the whole damn jury now!) I said sorry 'bout your daughter Honor, you can't blame me! (so damn purdy, tell the whole damn jury now!) she's so purdy - got to get her home in a hurry! Come on jury! (Yah Yah!)
Stand with me and look through history, see the workers organize, and fight brave revolutions, and win their new sunrise, then watch their new-formed governments, corrupt and strip their rights, and watch it all repeat again, or hear the forest sigh: "when will you cease to fight for wages, and start fighting for our lives? whenever you're ready, I will be here waiting, whenever you're ready, a wheneva-whenever you're whenever you're ready!" So we left civilization, to find nature's purity, we dropped out of college, quit our jobs, and climbed the mountain peaks, but when we tried to join the mountain goats, they circled their young ones up the slope sayin: "why would we circle with you - who won't even circle with your own? don't you know your heard and you are inseparable, no matter how far from them you go?" And they said: whenever you're ready, we will be here waiting, whenever you're ready, oye gente, canten conmigo whenever you're ready!" How can I want your revolution - another car your thugs can steal? I don't wanna take your backseat, shotgun, or the wheel! I don't need your god or leader or their permission to be free! I don't need your stenciled hero, or your statue of liberty! I wanna howl in the canyon, feel it howl out of me, with the liberty of a little child.. We are decentralized revolution, we can touch and breathe our goals, we claim the flamboyant rainbowed sky as our own national soul, and every tree's our country's flag, air - water - earth - we give rights to 'em, so you can open your stores, and throw your wars, my people won't shop or fight for ya, you can read our advertisements, we'll leave 'em burning in the night for ya, standing circled with the wild, my people: Whenever you're ready we will be here waiting whenever you're ready oye mama yeah! whenever you're ready I hear - I hear the people hummin,' I feel - feel a change a-comin up I'm ready (whenever you're ready) all across the country now, hear the people speakin' up out loud, hear the people singin' out sing it! (whenever you're ready) we're on our way! we're on our way! we're on our way! (whenever you're ready) yeah - ready! we're goin' on, it won't be long! (whenever you're ready) whup comin whup comin! singing "whenever you're ready" shake your peace! get whup! (shake your peace, shake your peace, shake your peace) don' matter how low you feel now! get moving! we're on the train they can't stop now! (whenever you're ready) I can't help it! I can't hold me back! come on band help me out, 'bout to put some whup on it! (whenever you're ready) ready! ya ready? (whenever you're ready) you're ready! (whenever you're...) I will be there! (whenever, whenever you're...) whenever you're ready!
When my Mom the realtor sees a new Ivory Homes development because she’s hard-workin’ she sees a market opportunity she sees money. When her son the anarchist beholds the prefab robot turds shat out of some Southern California factory hole, growing for growths sake, looking like a big mistake, he sees cancer! But what I’m trying to say is, Is I love my Mother anyways I love my Mother anyways and she loves me, anyways! My Mom the realtor used to smoke dope and wear tie-dye her son the anarchist remembers being 4 years old and marching with her in the streets of Berkeley in the 80‘s. Now as we ride in her Lexus SUV to Costco you can bet I still keep a place reserved for her in the revolution anyways! (Chorus) Now she’d do anything for me - anything! except...for stop spraying her lawn! And I’d do anything for her - anything! except...for maybe, get a job! Her generation birthed us and now they’re trying to kill us all! They worked real hard to raise us now work hard to melt our glaciers invested in our swim lessons and guaranteeing now we’ll have to test ‘em anyways! But either way the thing is, is I love my mother anyways and when I’m treading water through my city I’ll know that she loves me anyways! My mom puts me first, she’s the only person on this earth, who does that. While I chant “Earth First!” she still puts me first anyways! I guess I’m her political cause along with my sister and brother-in-law and their two kids (she loves being a grandma) along with staying married to my pa for so long it’s a miracle for all that I got to say to y’all that though you know I love The Cause my Ma comes befa’ every cause and all a y’all cause that’s the way I love my Ma that’s the way I love my Ma anyways! And if you gotta ma like my Mom, go ahead and sing along! And sing it however the hell you want cause in the end I’m still the anarchist son anyways! And what we’re trying to say is is we love our mothers most of all! We love our mothers most of all, and they love us most of all! (and I love you most of all too Pa)
Good morning! Let's get up - put on your boots, on your feet, we're gettin' out into the streets, and we're on our way! The walking people, walk! Can you see us while we're walkin' we're stretching back 100 blocks - sayin: "Si se puede!" now we're talkin' we're on our way! The walking people, walk! Look! A border wall gets in our way, police checkpoints and barricades, "aren't you gonna stop!?" some people say, but we just smile 'cause the walking people, walk! let's go! we're dancing with the trunks of trees, we're grounding our philosophies, finding truth that only feet can see, when they're out walking, with one foot behind us and one ahead, who's the leader? who's the led? freedom's ours in every breath now, and every step! (singing) Blessed are the ones who walk Blessed are the ways we walk Now everybody! Every kind of body! Any way you move is praise! Any way you move is walking! Stand up friends (let's walk together) on our common ground (let's walk together) we all love our kids (let's walk together) keep 'em safe and fed (let's walk together) we're all born helpless (let's walk together) we all need love (let's walk together) we all need justice (let's walk together) we all need choice (let's walk together) we all need music (let's walk together) we all need consent (let's walk together) clean air and water (let's walk together) we need each other (let's walk together) we're all sisters/ brothers (let's walk together) we're all born from mothers (let's walk together) every woman every man every one inbetween, every one who's beyond - let's get goin'! PEOPLE! WALK! Alright! Whup! Alright! The walking people!
I've got a head full of dreams that I redeem as my reward, and my reflection beams in every direction, and though sometimes it seems there's only one you can record, there are multicolored streams of many dimensions and whatever happens next, I hope I will know how by now, and I hope I will know where when there's nowhere but here! 'Cause I learn from what I live, and I live for what I love, and I love the life I've learned to live! and I give and I get, and I get and I give, and I love the life I've learned to live! Whup! Even at the height of my crest I need some rest I suppose, when I take my last breath, death'll be my best repose, whatever happens next, I hope I will know how by now, and I hope I will know where when there's nowhere but here! 'Cause I learn from what I live, and I live for what I love, and I love the life I've learned to live! and I give and I get, and I get and I give, and I love the life I've learned to live! Whup! Salam-a-lay, ma-lay, Salam-a-lay, malecun sala (ay esta!) there's a party out in the streets! (ay esta!) so damn purdy, don't call police! (ay esta!) this is your part you can sing it with me - come on! (oooh ay esta!) weather alert in these area codes: (ay esta!) 4-1-5, 5-1-0! (ay esta!) wild dancing flooding the roads! (oooh ay esta!) everybody's moving in time! (ay esta!) every age, every kind! (ay esta!) Waist Down Demolition Drumline hit 'em! Moving at the speed of light... repeat 'til we get it right... and if there's nowhere but here I'll know how by now, as I figure it out [announcer: "welcome to the ecotopian independence day fireworks extravaganza!"] Fare thee well, to my shell, for I've become, something else! And if there's nowhere but here I'll know how by now, as I figure it out
All my love! (Put some whup on it!) All my love I give to ya! (Waist Down Demolition!), - SHAKE YOUR PEACE! "Whup music"


released February 1, 2019

>>> Song Credits:
+ All words and music by SHAKE YOUR PEACE! unless otherwise noted:
1) "Coyote Music" (words: SYP! & Michael Musika)
3) "Lord, I Feel Just Like Goin' On" (words and music: Reverend Gary Davis, with additional words and music by SYP!)
9) "Obo Medley: Head Full of Dreams/ Whup 3/ Salam-A-Lay/ Being Saved By Mermaids." ("Head Full of Dreams" and "Being Saved By Mermaids" words and music by Obo Martin, "Whup 3" by SYP!, "Salam-A-Lay" is a traditional motif with additional lyrics by SYP!)

>>> Musician Credits:
(* = principal instrumentalist/ they played this instrument everywhere it's heard on the album)
+ SHAKE YOUR PEACE! - lead vocal*, backing vocals*, nylon string guitar*, marching quints*, marching bass drum*, marching cymbals*, electric guitar 1, 2, and first half of 9, bass 2, 4, intro/outro 5, some of 9, harmonica 2, 8, pennywhistle 2, piano 1
+ Blake Henderson - marching cymbals 3, 9, backing vocals 9
+ Justin Ancheta - tres Cubano*, backing vocals 7
+ Patricio Angulo - drum kit*, timbales*, congas*, chekere*, shakers and bells on 5, 6, 9
+ Jesse Weber - bongo and congas 5, 6, 9, micro snare on 10
+ Miriam Speyer - bass 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, some of 5, 9
+ Paul Sounder - bass 7
+ Annie Staninec - fiddle (all tracks except 7, 8)
+ Alisa Rose - fiddle 7, 8
+ Ryan Shupe - fiddle solos 6, 8, and during gospel breakdown 8
+ Jeremy Kittel - fiddle solo 5
+ Tom Young - trumpet*
+ Alex Scammon - saxophones*
+ Courtney Isaiah Smith - backing vocals (all tracks except 1, 7), Hammond B3 and piano on 4, 8
+ Clotile Farkas - backing vocals (all tracks except 1, 7)
+ Anthony Carpenter - backing vocals 3, 5, 6
+ coyote persons from their own country - howls - 1, 10 (recording credit: NPS & MSU Acoustic Atlas/ Jennifer Jerret, recording in Yellowstone National Park. Contributed to the public domain by The National Park Service.)
+ Quaceé Dorby - backing vocals 8
+ Jazzy Olivo - backing vocals 3
+ Maren Metke - backing hollers 10
+ Marlon Aldana - gritos 7
+ Dad Your Peace - gritos 7
+ Mom Your Peace - “she loves being a grandma” 7
+ Benjamin D. Hale - raging electric guitar solo 9

>>> Production Credits:
+ Producer, Supplemental Recording Engineer: SHAKE YOUR PEACE!
+ Co-Producer, Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer: Blake Henderson
+ Mastering Engineer: Eric Broyhill
+ Album cover photograph of SHAKE YOUR PEACE! by Mark Johnson © 2007 markj.net, used with permission.
+ Recorded from Jan 2012 - Dec 2018 primarily @ Clumsy Congregation (Ramaytush, Chochenyo, and Ohlone land - otherwise known as San Francisco and Oakland, CA). Additional tracking @ Studio Ecotopia (Goshute, Ute, and Eastern Shoshone land - otherwise known as Salt Lake City, UT). Saxes, Marlon, and Maren recorded @ Soul Graffiti Studios (Chochenyo and Oholone land - otherwise known as Oakland, CA)

>>> Dedication:
My goal with this album is to contribute whup music to the soundtrack of those who are marching - at home, at work, at school, and in the streets - toward what some of us like to call “ecotopia” - a culture of ecological and social justice.
 This album was created with you in mind, and is dedicated to you.

>>> "Whup Music" Thanks:
“Whup Music” was made possible by my Auntie Ina and Uncle Herman Haygood, who demonstrated whup spirit in their lives: overcoming the odds as young, gifted, and black Americans. They embodied hard work, endurance, style, positivity, and generosity. I hope you can feel their love, and their ferocity, resounding in this album.

"Whup Music" was also made possible by the generosity of the 238 backers of the "Whup Music" Kickstarter campaign. Thank you so much for helping this music to be heard! Special shoutout to my friend Kipchoge Spencer who catalyzed the final push over the finish line.

The whup sound was shepherded from a sketchy basement-demo quality (circa 2011) into a working, performance-ready sound, thanks to the creative contributions and hard work of: Justin Ancheta, Miriam Speyer, Patricio Angulo, and Jesse Weber (the core 2011-2014 SHAKE YOUR PEACE! band). Thanks for taking a chance on me and this music, and for your friendship, hours of practice, and artistry. Special thanks to Patricio for his Latin percussion direction and arranging, with the contribution of Jesse, on When You're in Love and Whenever You're Ready. Special thanks to Jesse for hosting our practices. Special thanks to Justin for his dedication and passion for the project (perhaps best illustrated by the time he bought a tres Cubano - an instrument neither of us had ever seen before in-person - and for the sake of the whup experiment taught himself to play it from scratch, eventually creating all of his own original tres arrangements for the songs on this album).
Thank you Justin, Miriam, Patricio, and Jesse for leaving your mark on, and for your stewardship of, this music.

The whup sound was further sculpted and refined by co-producer Blake Henderson. With no other album of whup music to act as our reference (how DOES one successfully mix bluegrass fiddle with a gospel choir when all that marching band percussion is going on!?), and no guarantee that it was bound to work, there were many times I felt like we were carefully tailoring a suit for Bigfoot, hoping that if we got it just right, Bigfoot would just pop up inside the suit and fill it out, instantly justifying all the hours spent poking around in the woods looking for signs of the beast. I appreciate that 7 years later, with nothing to keep our hopes alive except a conspiracy theory that whup could exist (thanks to all you fellow believers), we now find ourselves sitting next to a hairy, well-dressed, ape-like creature.

>>> Personal Thank You's:
Since the release of the last album THIRTEEN YEARS AGO, innumerable people have contributed their support to SHAKE YOUR PEACE! and helped to keep me rolling on. I apologize to the reader for the length of these thank-you's, but that's a long time to receive help from people, and SYP! is a project that's always asked for a lot of it. Most particularly I’d like to thank: Mom & Dad, Sonya, Silver and Sapphire, and PAKS. I'd also like to thank: the Johal Family, the Dominguez Family, housemates of Conrad Beach and 61 Fair (thank you Eric Bayer R.I.P.), and the friends and music community of The San Francisco Bay Area (particularly Manicato, LoCura and Rupa & the April Fishes). Thank you KR and ILOP for hosting me when I was between squats. Israel Matos and The Pink Palace for letting me pitch my tent up on the roof, and steeping me in Manicato's sounds of Puerto Rican plena and Latin rock. Reverend Gary Davis, Obo Martin, Michael Musika, Aaron Fast, Michael Zeligs, Jesse Weber, and Dad for songwriting contributions and inspirations. All the musicians who’ve played multiple shows with me since the last album: Justin Ancheta, Miriam Speyer, Patricio Angulo, Jesse Weber, CelloJoe, Alex Scammon, Devon White, Chris Jacoby, Sonya Cotton, Ben Abbott, Sean Jones, Scott Fetzer, Dad, Mario Silva, Danny Cao, Ezra Lipp, Paul Martin, Sergio Duran, Kim Agnew, Andrew Maguire, Blake, Marlon Aldana, and the badass fiddlers: Alisa Rose, Leif Karlstrom, Annie Staninec, and Anton Patzner. Everyone who hosted, helped to book, or promoted SYP! on a bike or walking tour anytime from 2006-2013 - thank you for your hospitality! Bands who’ve ridden shoulder to shoulder on bicycle music tours: Kipchoge & the Ginger Ninjas, Ashley Sanders & Utahpia 2009, Rupa & the April Fishes + Scott McDowell. Musicians who walked shoulder to shoulder on multiple walking music tours: Sonya Cotton, CelloJoe, Obo Martin, and Heather Normandale, to name a few. Paul Freedman and the community of friends and bands who co-created the San Francisco Bicycle Music Festival with us year after year. For logistical and material support: Rock the Bike, Xtracycle, Golden Gate CoHousing, PLACE for Sustainable Living, my family, and Aaron Wieler for welding a fleet of custom bike trailers and hitches for us. Past music teachers: especially David Pleasant (NYC) who graciously shared his Gullah/ Geechee percussive tradition with me, and the Orem Public Library and their extensive CD bins. Past bands/ collaborators, especially: Ben Hale and Neverband, Thumpus, and Nora Brereton. Thinkers who continue to help me navigate the garbage-strewn borders between society and wilderness, especially: Mount Timpanogos, Edward Abbey, Derrick Jensen, Pete Seeger, and The San Francisco Diggers. All the “beat-up dreamers, justice fighters, penniless oatmeal eaters, students turned farmers, renters turned squatters, bed frame breakers, river rock layer-on’ers,” who don’t give in and get normal, who’ve helped me to not feel alone on my journey. All the creatures running around with no clothes on, no money, no vote, no flag, no borders, no military, who breathe free air, who drink free water, who live and love at the hands of the gods, who don't need human permission, and who always seem to get picked on by bullies with guns, cars, chemicals, God, and laws; I'm sorry that we've forced you to be the unwitting designated driver to our cultural shit show. If civilization ever makes it home alive, it'll only be because you got us there. To all the people who’ve come to the shows, who brought a friend, who pedaled the sound system, who donated for or bought some merch, who brought the firewood, who schlepped the PA across the hillside on their back, who rode their bike or walked alongside us on tour, who put on a show in the backyard, who’ve wound their life story or some memories up with this music…this album’s for you. <3





SHAKE YOUR PEACE! howls out of Goshute, Ute, and Eastern Shoshone land (otherwise known as Salt Lake City, UT)

"Whup" is a rock & roll hybridization of: Afro-Latin and Caribbean rhythms, bluegrass fiddle, gospel choir, marching band percussion, and ecotopian perspectives.
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